Jasmonates in plants under abiotic stresses: crosstalk with other phytohormones matters uri icon


  • Jasmonates (JAs) are naturally occurring plant growth regulators and ubiquitous in plant kingdom. JAs are involved in the improvement of crop performance under natural and changing environmental conditions. Additionally, JAs are also known to interact with other phytohormones and thereby, modulate growth and development of plants and their abiotic stress responses. This review aimed to dissect available information on the role and underlying mechanisms of JAs in plant developmental responses and plant tolerance to major abiotic stresses, and its crosstalk with other major phytohormones in regulating the process. The major points potentially important for future research in the current direction are also summarized. The adoption of exhaustive approaches is advocated to unveil mechanisms underlying abiotic stress-mediated control of up-regulation of JA biosynthesis pathway and its genetic regulation and hormone homeostasis.

publication date

  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2018