Editorial for the Thematic Series in Agriculture & Food Security: Climate-Smart Agriculture Technologies in West Africa: learning from the ground AR4D experiences uri icon


  • This Thematic Series on ?Climate-Smart AgricultureTechnologies in West Africa: learning from the groundAR4D experiences? contains seven papers presented byresearchers from four West African countries based onparticipatory action research conducted since 2012 inthe region. These research activities were funded by theCGIAR Research Program on Climate Change Agricultureand Food Security (CCAFS) through a project titled?Developing community-based climate-smart agriculturethrough participatory action research in CCAFS benchmarksites in West Africa? (see (1)). This research actionunder the scientific lead of the World Agroforestry Centre(ICRAF) aimed to test and validate, in partnershipwith rural communities and other stakeholders, scalableclimate-smart village models for agricultural developmentthat integrate a range of innovative agricultural riskmanagement strategies. The project also aimed to enablefarmers, developers, managers and policy makers for theagriculture sector to develop cost-effective climate-smartagriculture (CSA) options that support local sustainabledevelopment and enhance livelihood resilience. It istherefore a response to the challenges (degraded lands,low crop productivity, high level of poverty for rural people,etc.) faced to satisfy the food needs of an increasingpopulation in the face of a changing climate

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  • 2017
  • 2017

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