The seed dormancy allele TaSdr-A1a associated with pre-harvest sprouting tolerance is mainly present in Chinese wheat landraces. uri icon


  • Pre-harvest sprouting (PHS) affects yield and end-use quality in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). In the present study we found an association between the TaSdr-A1 gene and PHS tolerance in bread wheat. TaSdr-A1 on chromosome 2A was cloned using a homologous cloning approach. Sequence analysis of TaSdr-A1 revealed an SNP at position 643, with the G allele being present in genotypes with lower germination index (GI) values and A in those with higher GI. These alleles were designated as TaSdr-A1a and TaSdr-A1b, respectively. A cleaved amplified polymorphism sequence (CAPS) marker Sdr2A based on the SNP was developed, and linkage mapping and QTL analysis were conducted to confirm the association between TaSdr-A1 and seed dormancy. Sdr2A was located in a 2.9 cM interval between SSR markers Xgwm95 and Xgwm372. A QTL for GI at the TaSdr-A1 locus explained 6.6, 7.3, and 8.2 % of the phenotypic variances in a Yangxiaomai/Zhongyou 9507 RIL population grown at Beijing, Shijiazhuang, and the averaged data from the two environments, respectively. Two sets of Chinese wheat cultivars used for validating the TaSdr-A1 polymorphism and the corresponding gene-specific marker Sdr2A showed that TaSdr-A1 was significantly associated with GI. Among 29 accessions with TaSdr-A1a, 24 (82.8 %) were landraces, indicating the importance of Chinese wheat landraces as sources of PHS tolerance. This study identified a novel PHS resistance allele TaSdr-A1a mainly presented in Chinese landraces and it is likely to be the causal gene for QPhs.ccsu-2A.3, providing new information for an understanding of seed dormancy.
  • We cloned TaSdr - A1 gene, and developed a gene-specific marker for TaSdr - A1 . A QTL for germination index at the TaSdr - A1 locus was identified in the Yangxiaomai/Zhongyou 9507 RIL population.

publication date

  • 2017
  • 2017