Der Baobab (Adansonia digitata L.): Wildobst aus Afrika für Deutschland und Europa?! uri icon


  • However, even in Europe a wide range of products is now available as shown in the present study, which identified more than 300 baobab products or products with baobab as an ingredient. In Germany, not only the natural baobab pulp but also ready-made foodstuffs such as soft drinks, sandwich spreads, cereal bars, sweets and chocolates are available. Furthermore, a diverse range of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products with extracts from the baobab is available in the market. The products range from after shave and perfume to shampoo and shower gel to leg lotion and foot spray.
  • In Africa the baobab fruits are mainly harvested from wild stands. However, the commercial production of baobab fruits in orchards could be an important future opportunity for income generation to many local households. More research on baobab, including the domestication of this wild fruit tree species, and the conservation of its natural stands as important genetic resource are prerequisites for sustainably increased fruit production.
  • In Germany and Europe exotic fruits from distant places are becoming more and more important. In the tropics and subtropics an enormous variety of edible fruits exists. In 2008 the dry fruit pulp of the baobab (Adansonia digitata L.) was approved as novel food for the EU and thus entered the formal food market. Hence, an increasing number of products became available in Europe.
  • In Germany baobab saplings and seeds are offered for planting and cultivation as an indoor pot plant. Commercially marketed baobab bonsai seedlings for the European market are produced in Senegal.
  • The baobab is an impressive tree in the savannas of Africa. Due to its dense and wide spreading root system and its enormous water storing capacity in the stem, the tree can grow under very dry environmental conditions. In many regions of Africa it is a multipurpose indigenous fruit tree species which offers shelter and provides food, fodder and medicine as well as raw material for many purposes.

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  • 2014
  • 2014