PowerCore: a program applying the advanced M strategy with a heuristic search for establishing core sets. uri icon


  • Availability: PowerCore software uses the. NET Framework Version 1.1 environment which is freely available for the MS Windows platform. The files can be downloaded from http://genebank.rda.go.kr/powercore/. The distribution of the package includes executable programs, sample data and a user manual.
  • Contact: yjpark@rda.go.kr
  • Motivation: Core sets are necessary to ensure that access to useful alleles or characteristics retained in genebanks is guaranteed. We have successfully developed a computational tool named 'PowerCore' that aims to support the development of core sets by reducing the redundancy of useful alleles and thus enhancing their richness.
  • Results: The program, using a new approach completely different from any other previous methodologies, selects entries of core sets by the advanced M (maximization) strategy implemented through a modified heuristic algorithm. The developed core set has been validated to retain all characteristics for qualitative traits and all classes for quantitative ones. PowerCore effectively selected the accessions with higher diversity representing the entire coverage of variables and gave a 100% reproducible list of entries whenever repeated.

publication date

  • 2007
  • 2007