Population and Planting Pattern Effects on Intercropped Maize and Cowpea uri icon


  • Field studies on the nature of competition and the effects of various planting patterns on maize/cowpea intercrop yields were conducted in Southwestern Nigeria. Relative Crowding Coefficient values indicated that maize dominated cowpea. The magnitude of competition between maize and cowpea is related to season and nitrogen fertilizer. Based on grain yields, maize and cowpea compete for N only when it was applied but tended to derive it from different sources in the absence of applied N.
  • Spatial arrangements designed to increase light reaching intercropped cowpea included alternate and double rows of cowpeas between maize rows. These did not, however, increase grain yields of cowpeas over those intercropped with maize in the same row.

publication date

  • 1993
  • 1993