Genetic analysis of endosperm mutants in rice Oryza sativa L. uri icon


  • Sugary, shrunken, floury, white core, amylose extender and dull mutants induced in japonica varieties were used in this study. The results of an allelic analysis conducted in japonica background indicated that the two sugary mutants 82GF and EM5 are allelic. The two amylose extender mutants 2064 and EM16 are also allelic. The opaque mutant ESD7-3(0) and floury mutants 2047, EM17 and EM28 are allelic as well and have the flo-1 gene. The three white core mutants EM3, EM24 and EM66 were found to be non-allelic. Eleven dull mutants were investigated. Dull mutants 2057, 2083, 2091 and EM15 were found to be allelic to each other. Similarly, dull mutants 2077, 2078 and 2120 have allelic genes. Dull mutants 2035, EM12, EM47, and EM98 are non-allelic to the above loci. Dull genes in EM12, EM1 5, and EM98 were designated earlier as du-1, du-2 and du-4, respectively.
  • The mutant genes were transferred to indica background by two backcrosses to IR36. Some of the mutant genes were located to respective chromosomes through trisomic analysis using primary trisomics of IR36. In this way the amylose extender gene ae was located to chromosome 2, the flo-1 was located to chromosome 5 and the flo-2 to chromosome 4. Dull genes of EM47, 2120, and 2035 were assigned to chromosomes 6, 9, and 6, respectively.

publication date

  • 1991
  • 1991