Cloning of seed dormancy genes (TaSdr) associated with tolerance to pre-harvest sprouting in common wheat and development of a functional marker. uri icon


  • After cloning and mapping of wheat TaSdr genes, both the functional markers for TaSdr - B1 and TaVp - 1B were validated, and the distribution of allelic variations at TaSdr - B1 locus in the wheat cultivars from 19 countries was characterized.
  • Seed dormancy is a major factor associated with pre-harvest sprouting (PHS) in common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Wheat TaSdr genes, orthologs of OsSdr4 conferring seed dormancy in rice, were cloned by a comparative genomics approach. They were located on homoeologous group 2 chromosomes, and designated as TaSdr-A1, TaSdr-B1 and TaSdr-D1, respectively. Sequence analysis of TaSdr-B1 revealed a SNP at the position -11 upstream of the initiation codon, with bases A and G in cultivars with low and high germination indices (GI), respectively. A cleaved amplified polymorphism sequence marker Sdr2B was developed based on the SNP, and subsequently functional analysis of TaSdr-B1 was conducted by association and linkage mapping. A QTL for GI co-segregating with Sdr2B explained 6.4, 7.8 and 8.7 % of the phenotypic variances in a RIL population derived from Yangxiaomai/Zhongyou 9507 grown in Shijiazhuang, Beijing and the averaged data from those environments, respectively. Two sets of Chinese wheat cultivars were used for association mapping, and results indicated that TaSdr-B1 was significantly associated with GI. Analysis of the allelic distribution at the TaSdr-B1 locus showed that the frequencies of TaSdr-B1a associated with a lower GI were high in cultivars from Japan, Australia, Argentina, and the Middle and Lower Yangtze Valley Winter Wheat Region and Southwest Winter Wheat Region in China. This study provides not only a reliable functional marker for molecular-assisted selection of PHS in wheat breeding programs, but also gives novel information for a comprehensive understanding of seed dormancy.

publication date

  • 2014
  • 2014