Influence of Gypsum Enhanced Chicken-Manure-and-Wheat-Straw Compost on Amelioration of an Irrigated Sodic Brown Vertisol – Laboratory Experiment uri icon


  • The use of gypsum to ameliorate soil sodicity is a typical practice in Australian agriculture. However, the longevity of ameliorative effect due to gypsum application is often short, due to the rate of dissolution and subsequent leaching by rainfall and/or irrigation. Gypsum was combined with chicken manure/wheat straw compost, during the composting process, in order to investigate the potential of creating a slow release source of calcium (Ca2+). A leaching column experiment was conducted using a Brown Vertisol treated with C0G0 (compost 0 t.ha(-1), gypsum 0 t.ha(-1)), C0G5, C5G0, and C5G5. Columns were irrigated with 635mm of irrigation water in total. C5G5 treated soil retained more Ca2+ and leached less Ca2+ than gypsum alone, decreased the exchangeable cation ratio and increased soil saturated hydraulic conductivity.

publication date

  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2015