Insect Life Cycle Modeling (ILCYM) software – Open Source Tool for Insect Phenology Model Development and Demographic Parameters Estimation uri icon


  • The relationship between aspects of insects’ life-history (development, survival, and reproduction) and environmental variables such as temperature can be well described by process-based phenology models. It has been shown that the physiological response of most poikilothermic species such as insects is adapted to particular temperature ranges and temperature is often considered as a major abiotic factor influencing their abundance and to a certain extent their presence in a region. The Insect Life Cycle Modeling (ILCYM) software, which supports the analysis of life table data of insect species obtained at constant temperatures and estimates step by step the development time, development rate, mortality, senescence, survival and reproduction of the species. The proposed framework allows: i) the use of censored data derived from cohort or full life table studies, ii) parsing of variance contributions among individual and lack-of-fit; and iii) statistical estimation of minimum, optimum and maximum thresholds of development, reproduction and population growth. ILCYM consists of three modules: the 'model builder', the “validation and simulation”, and the “potential population distribution and risk mapping” modules. The objective of ILCYM software is to provide an open-source computer aided tool that facilitates the development of phenology models for researchers and students using advanced modeling techniques. ILCYM interactively leads the user through the steps for developing a pest phenology model, or for conducting spatial simulations with a developed pest model. We are aware that a single modeling approach will not fit to each pest species of interest and that it cannot meet each purpose for which a model needs to be developed. However, the approach presented here might be applicable to many pest species and many circumstances for which pest phenology models are needed. ILCYM was developed on the Udig platform, which is a geographic information system (GIS) application that contains basic tools for mapping and managing geographic information

publication date

  • 2017