Dataset for: Standard evaluation trial for earliness documentation of CIP advanced breeding clones uri icon


  • Tuber bulking results from two basic processes, tuber initiation and tuber growth. Timing and duration of these processes depend upon geographic location, environmental factors, and cultivar. The rate and duration of tuber bulking determines the yield in the potato crop. Tuber growth stage is a key determinant of the marketable component of total yield, because tuber enlargement takes place during that period. Therefore, marketable tuber weight across harvest dates is of great importance in determining bulking maturity. Documenting bulking maturity in advanced clones allow breeders and farmers to identify clones suitable to the cropping systems and length of the potato growing season of a particular region. Marketable tuber number, weight, and yield across harvest dates are evaluated in advanced clones from CIP potato breeding program in order to document their maturity by assigning one of four categories depending on their performances across harvest dates: Very early (clone achieved its maximum marketable yield at 80 or 85 days after planting (DAP)) , early (at 90 to 100 DAP) intermediate (at 110 to <120 DAP) late (120 to 140 DAP or more)

publication date

  • 2017

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