Dataset for: Pre-breeding true potato seed hybrid families segregating for late blight resistance from crop wild relatives uri icon


  • True seed progenies from late blight resistant (LBR) potato crop wild relatives (CWR). These hybrid progenies will segregate for late blight resistance from Solanum circaeifolium var. capsicibaccatum, S. commersonii, S. megistacrolobum, S. microdontum, S. sogarandinum, and S. tarijense. Selected late blight resistant genotypes were crossed with four self-compatible 2x hybrids (BSLI hybrids) derived from crossing between 2x landraces and self-compatible sources of S. chacoense. Theses crosses were performed to develop a nested mating design to study novel source of late blight resistance. This is a pre-breeding product from GCDT project 'Sustainable use of potato crop wild relatives (CWR) and development of a pre-breeding core collection with key climate change-related traits'

publication date

  • 2017

geographic focus