Dataset for: Adoption and Diffusion of C88 Potato Variety in Yunnan, China uri icon


  • International Potato Center (CIP) and Yunnan Normal University collaborated to develop a late blight resistant potato variety, Cooperation-88 (C88). The variety was formally released in China in 2001 and quickly became popular in China‚Äôs Yunnan Province. Its success was attributed to its late blight resistance, high yield, high quality, and good taste. C88 proved so popular that by 2010, it covered 400,000 hectares, most of which were in Yunnan. A household survey representative of Yunnan potato producers was conducted from July to September 2015. The sample size includes 615 households located in 41 villages. Information was gathered on household and farm characteristics, adoption of potato varieties, potato production, and market participation, among others

publication date

  • 2018