Dataset for: Pre-breeding hybrid clones to PVY and PLRV resistant uri icon


  • tetraploid pre-breeding population was developed by crossing the potato virus Y (PVY) resistance donors from the LTVR population as females and the potato leaf roll virus (PLRV) resistance donors from the S. tuberosum Group Andigena as males. The families were first screened for favorable agronomic features, such as tuber shape, and the selected individuals were then phenotyped for PVY resistance in greenhouse, using mechanical inoculation followed by DAS ELISA and genotyped with a multiplex PCR marker based on RYSC3 for Ryadg and on RGASC850 for Rladg. The genes Ryadg and Rladg, originate from S. tuberosum Group Andigenum, and confer resistance to PVY and PLRV, respectively

publication date

  • 2018