Program and sample data for SASHAYDIALL: A SAS Program for Hayman’s Diallel Analysis uri icon


  • SASHAYDIALL is a code written in SAS to perform diallel analysis according to the method of Hayman (1954). The SASHAYDIALL program was written in SAS/IML and runs in SAS version 9.0 or higher. The SASHAYDIALL program requires an input ‘csv’ format data file that has replication, parent 1, parent 2, and the trait of interest for a single site experiment. For data obtained from multiple environments, the user should include a variable for the locations. The locations or environments should be numbered sequentially in the ‘csv’ file. The file with data to be analyzed can be saved in any directory on the computer. The user is only required to specify the location and name of the data file to be analyzed in the SASHAYDIALL program. The program automatically detects the number of parents and presence or absence of reciprocals in the diallel cross data set. Before analysis can proceed, the user is required to provide responses in two input windows: one window for variable information and the other to indicate whether the data to be analyzed is from single or multiple environments. The SASHAYDIALL program will then ran ANOVA for the diallel table, create variances and covariances, calculate second degree statistics, test adequacy of the additive-dominance model, and estimate various genetic parameters including heritability. The program also plots a Wr–Vr graph and is not computationally intensive. More details can be found in a paper in Crop Science:

publication date

  • 2018