TAMASA Nigeria. Nutrient Omission Trials (NOT) yield dataset for 2015 uri icon


  • This dataset consists of Result of NOT for the 95 on-farm field trial sites x 2 varieties (Hybrid and OPV) x 6 treatments (Control, PK, NK, NP, NPK, NPK+S+Ca+Mg+Zn+B). The dataset is divided into eight sheets; Metadata, Variable, Sites information, Timing Parameters, Yield Parameters, Grain Yield Data Summary and Data History. 'Metadata' give summary description of the dataset. 'Variables' give the name, unit, description and method of determination of the variables in the dataset. 'Site information' gives description of the study and sampling sites. 'Timing Parameters' contain the data for various agronomic timing activities and management history of the sites. 'Yield Parameters' contain yield harvesting parameters (yield) of OPV and Hybrid set of trials. 'Grain Yield Data summary' gives the summary statistics of grain yield across the six treatments for both OPV and Hybrid set of trials.'Data History' describe the historical changes and exchange in the raw dataset. More details can be requested

publication date

  • 2017