SUMMARIES: Trees on farm contribution to family livelihoods and ecosystem services in Nicaragua-Honduras Sentinel Lansdcape uri icon


  • series of studies conducted as part of the long term research program in the Nicaragua-Honduras Sentinel Landscape. Since 2015 a series of studies have been developed to understand how trees on farms contribute to conserve biodiversity, ecosystem processes and improvement of people livelihood and food security. The studies have been developed along three Nicaraguan municipalities El Tuma-La Dalia, Waslala and Siuna. 120 farms and 570 land use plots have been measured considering both biophysical and socioeconomic variables. At plot and farm level data was generated to understand taxonomic tree diversity, trees production, soil characteristics, and an extensive information to describe farm management and economic indicators. Complementary, other partner institutions have been also developed studies in a subset of the 120 farms related with gender and farm perception. The present files contain a summary of the type of available data and a complete tree species list. The three files are: * A compiled and checked species list for trees collected in all plots. * General description of the 120 farms and their geographic location. * Type of data available at farm and plot level for 120 farms

publication date

  • 2017