Replication Data for: Influence de la provenance des geniteurs et du type pollen sur la fructification sous pollinisation controlee chez Dacryodes edulis (Burseraceae) uri icon


  • Very little work has been done on the breeding of native species. Domestication requires germplasm improvement that may lead to the achievement of improved planting material for the creation of new ciltivars. Controlled cross-pollination tests were conducted on Dacryodes edulis (Burseraceae) in order to assess the influence of the provenance and the pollen type on the fruit production of 14 females accessions belonging to 09 families from 03 provenances. the crosses were performed according to a 'nested design block' in which the two types of pollen from a given provenance were used to fertilize a group of 05 female trees from the same provenance. For each cross, the number of pollinated flowers, number of fruits set and the number of mature fruits were evaluated; the fruit setting rate (TN), the fruiting index (FI) and the fruit dropping rate (TC) were calculated and subjected to analysis of variance. Based on averages, different combinations were classified according to their performance using the 'cluster analysis'. The result showed that the fruiting index that determines the studied species 'yield varies only and significantly (p=0.01.) under the combined action of the three factors studied : the provenance, the female parent in the provenance and the type of pollen used in the crosses

publication date

  • 2012