Phylogenetic diversity of Russula from Xiaozhongdian, Yunnan, China, inferred from Internal Transcribed Spacer sequence data uri icon


  • In this study, we provide the first diversity assessment, based on the phylogenetic analysis of ITS sequence data, of the ectomycorrhizal genus Russula in an important alpine ecosystem. The area studied, a remote sustainable farmland/forestry habitat on the south of Tibetan Plateau, located in Xiao-Zhongdian, Northwest Yunnan, China, is critical to the east and southeast Asian ecosystem balance. Twenty Russula species were recovered, with Russula cyanoxantha being most common species. Conifer forests (Picea likiangensis and Pinus densata) and birch forests (Betula platyphylla) have sim ilar species diversity, which is higher than in mixed forests (Picea likiangensis, Betula platyphylla, Lyonia and Rhododendron decorum), suggesting the preferred hosts of Russula are Picea likiangensis, Pinus densata and Betula platyphylla

publication date

  • 2014