Towards an Evergreen Agriculture in Africa: Scaling-up Conservation Agriculture with Trees for improved Livelihoods and Environmental Resilience in Eastern and Southern Africa- Local Knowledge- Local Agro-Ecological Knowledge of Priority Tree Species and their Propagation Techniques in Eastern Province of Kenya uri icon


  • Where the adoption of agroforestry innovations is concerned, it is important to understand the farmers‟ preferences for trees and to have an insight into the propagation methods used by them. Therefore, the main aim of the study was to develop a detailed understanding of the local ecological knowledge or locally prioritised tree species and their propagation techniques used in Eastern Province of Kenya. Specific objectives include: 1) Collect and evaluate local knowledge held by farmers about trees found on their farms, their uses, which trees are grown where and for which purpose. 2) Explore constraints and potentials for increasing tree cover on farmland in the research area. 3) Compile a list of most preferred tree species of farmers and reasons for that. 4) Gather local ecological knowledge of propagation techniques used for selected tree species

publication date

  • 2014