Replication Data for: Effectiveness of Grassroots Organisations in the Dissemination of Agroforestry Innovations uri icon


  • The aim of the study was to determine the performance of relay organisations involved in agroforestry innovations. Four ICRAF staff members were interviewed as resource persons to inventory agroforestry innovations developed with ROs and to identify criteria for selection and evaluation of ROs. The second category of respondents was composed of leaders of the 8 ROs selected for this study. Information collected at this level included general information about the ROs, their human, financial and material resources and their involvement in the participatory development of agroforestry innovations. Semi-structured interviews were then held with the leaders of 27 farmer groups in order to identify innovations received at group level, dissemination approaches used by the ROs and group achievements in terms of agroforestry. At the level of individual farmers, 76 group members (35 women) and 7 farmers (all male) who stopped collaboration with the ROs were interviewed to record which of the agroforestry innovations they had adopted and whether they were satisfied with the support given by the ROs

publication date

  • 2012