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  • CRP4 (or A4NH = Agriculture for Nutrition and Health) is a research programme that works to accelerate progress in improving the nutrition and health of people by enhancing the synergies between agriculture, nutrition and health. ICRAF is involved in Theme 1 of CRP4, which is named ‘Value Chains for Enhanced Nutrition’. This Theme is focusing on. Increasing the demand for nutritious foods among poor rural and peri-urban households and On identifying leverage (entr y) points along the value chain where innovative nutrition interventions can be incorporated to stimulate both the demand and supply of nutritious foods. Specifically, the project has the following objectives: To assess the fruit consumption levels of smallholder farming households in different parts of the regions ICRAF is working in, and to correlate this data with the number and diversity of fruit trees cultivated at the same farms. To document nutrient losses along fruit value chains and to develop techniques to maintain nutrients during processing, using mango (Mangifera indica) and baobab (Adansonia dig itata) as example commodities

publication date

  • 2015