Dacryodes edulis genebank: Yearly assessment of plant growth and production characteristics in southern Cameroon uri icon


  • The ICRAF WCA-HT Dacryodes edulis genebank is a collection of 600 trees from 4 provenances (Kekem, makenene, Mboumnyebel and Ongot), 05 families per provenance and 30 trees per family making a total of 150 trees per provenance. From 2002 to 2009, trees parameters consisting of height, crown diameter, number of branches, number of inflorescence, flowering, fruiting, fruit length, fruit width, pulp thickness, fruit weight, kernel weight, pulp weight etc. are measured. The aims of the study being t o characterize each family and provenance and select elite accessions that could be reproduced and recommended to enrich agroforestry system in Cameroon

publication date

  • 2016