Occurrence data for priority CWR of Zambia uri icon


  • This dataset was compiled from existing sources with the purpose of planning conservation actions for 30 prioritised CWR in Zambia. The data sources included: Maxted et al. (2004) (Vigna); Nur Fatihah et al. (2012)'s (Psophocarpus); Bioversity Collecting Missions database 1.2; GBIF (www.gbif.org); and the 'Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change' project database (version September 2015) (http://www.cwrdiversity.org/checklist/cwr-occurrences.php). The data were merged and standardized using the occurrence data collation template developed in the SADC Crop Wild Relatives project (http://www.cropwildrelatives.org/sadc-cwr-project/). The dataset here published includes a total of 590 occurrence records from the National Plant Genetic Resources Centre (NPGRC). It resulted from a data quality assessment using GEOQUAL of the CAPFITOGEN package (http://www.capfitogen.net/) applied to a larger dataset

publication date

  • 2016