Farmers' survey: niche market development for neglected and underutlized (NUS) products in Nepal uri icon


  • Data collected in November 2012 in collaboration with LI-BIRD. The sample includes 180 farmers from three villages (Lekhnat, Pumdibhumdi and Arba) in the peri-urban area of Pokhara, Nepal. The purpose of the survey is to evaluate the cost and benefits of a niche market development for NUS products as a means of agricultural biodiversity conservation instrument. To this end, data on income, family size, area of yielding, production and processing costs, quantity sold and bottlenecks in selling have been collected for Finger millet, Taro, Horse gram and Anadi rice products and niche products. The dat aset is organized as follows: Household's general information, Finger millet data, Anadi rice data, Taro data and Horse gram data. Stratified random sampling selecting from those farmers that yield at least two of the mentioned NUS. Sample intensity of the 30% for each village. The questionnaires has been personally administered by trained interviewers from LI-BIRD. Each interviews tookes around half an hour with separate section for each NUS crop yielded. The questions are both open or close ended with quantitative replies

publication date

  • 2012