Priority CWR species of the SADC region uri icon


  • The inventory of priority CWR of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region is the result of the prioritization of the food and beverage CWR checklist of the SADC region (Kell et al. in prep) with additional information regarding: the countries where the CWR occurs, native status and whether they occur in the wild or are also cultivated in those countries, the related crop(s), the confirmed or potential use(s) in crop breeding, and the genetic or taxonomic relationship to the related crop(s) (Gene Pool, Taxon Group concepts). This dataset includes two worksheets: 'Master_Inventory' contains the inventory itself, and 'Field_Descriptors' includes the description of the fields used in the inventory. The data sources used to compile the inventory are properly included in the inventory. The inventory includes a total of 662 records related to 113 priority CWR and it aimed at assisting the planning of conservation actions for these priority CWR in the SADC region

publication date

  • 2017