Protocol for the Agricultural Biodiversity (ABD) Assessment in Ghana uri icon


  • The biodiversity of plant and animal species both domesticated and wild used for food by humans (referred to here as agricultural biodiversity—ABD) is one of the most important assets for rural households, particularly for the poor in marginal areas such as the drylands of the developing world. A contribution of Bioversity International to the Dryland Systems CGIAR Research Programme (CRP) [] has been to examine systematically the diversity of these species in CRP target sites in Mali, Ghana, Malawi and India. Bioversity and partners have carried out a set of Agricultural Biodiversity Assessments in these countries. In the case of Ghana, the selected sites include three villages in the Wa region: Bompari, Gbelinkaa, Yagtuur. Here we present the protocols used for collecting the data from Ghana

publication date

  • 2017