Replication Data for: Genetic Diversity of improved varieties of intraspecific (O. sativaand O. glaberrima) and interspecific (O. sativa x O. glaberrima) rice uri icon


  • This study evaluated the diversity of a collection of rice accessions comprising of Oryza sativa L., O. glaberrima Steud. and interspecific rice (O. sativa × O. glaberrima) using 24 agro-morphological and 27 microsatellite markers. The collection was composed mainly of improved cultivars and a few landraces which are adapted to the upland ecology in West Africa. The average Shannon–Weaver diversity index value (H′) was 0.23. The highest diversity was found in O. sativa group Indica (H′ = 0.32), and the lowest (H′ = 0.18) in O. glaberrima. Interspecific rice had intermediate diversity. There were 321 alleles with an average of 11.9 alleles per locus and an average major allele frequency of 0.29 per locus. The average gene diversity value was 0.81 and polymorphism information content was 0.80 per locus. Diversity indices for interspecific rice were intermediate between O. sativa and O. glaberrima, but closer to O. sativa group Japonica. Accessions comprised of two populations which corresponded to O. sativa group Indica and O. sativa group Japonica. Interspecific rice accessions were dispersed between the two groups

publication date

  • 2018