Urban consumer acceptability of newly introduced rice with local and imported rice in Benin : A comparison uri icon


  • Consumer acceptability of newly introduced ricevarieties (NERICA 1, NERICA 3 and NERICA 4)developed from an interspecific cross between Oryzasativaand O. glaberrimawas evaluated in sensory testsof uncooked milled rice and cooked rice samplesalongside two popular imported rice brands and twolocal rice varieties. Test panelscomprising 125 consumers intotal participated at each of fourlocations, all of which are riceconsuming areas of Benin.Overall acceptability was ratedon five scales (1, dislike verymuch; 2, dislike; 3, neither likenor dislike; 4, like; 5, like verymuch). NERICA 1 was acceptedat all locations in the milled rice test, and at three locations otherthan Cotonou, the commercial capital, in the cooked ricetest. NERICA 4 was accepted only in Cotonou in boththe tests. NERICA 3 was always rated about 3 or less inall locations in the two tests

publication date

  • 2012