Replication Data for: Priority regions for research on dryland cereals and legumes uri icon


  • This data set characterizes dryland systems and cereal and legume crops (Hyman et al., 2016). The data is a subset of a larger data set that characterizes the farming systems of John Dixon's global farming systems framework and map (Dixon et al., 2001; Barona and Hyman, 2016). The data subset focuses on the following crops: chickpea, common bean, cowpea, faba bean, groundnut, lentils, pigeon pea, soybean, barley, pearl millet, small millet and sorghum. The geographic unit of analysis is a combination of 63 farming systems and 250 countries, for a total of 544 spatial units. For each of these units, data has been compiled on crop area, crop yield, crop production, population, poverty, drought, heat, soil conditions and other information

publication date

  • 2016