Intra-specific genetic map data from ICP 8863 × ICPL 20097 and TTB 7 × ICP 7035 populations uri icon


  • The datset contains over 3000 SSR markers details on parental genotypes of each mapping population. Intra-specific genetic maps comprising of 11 linkage groups and 120 and 78 SSR loci were developed for ICP 8863 × ICPL 20097 and TTB 7 × ICP 7035 populations, respectively. Composite interval mapping (CIM) based QTL analysis by using genetic mapping and phenotyping data provided four QTLs for Patancheru SMD isolate and two QTLs for Bangalore SMD isolate. Identification of different QTLs for resistance to Patancheru and Bangalore SMD isolates is an indication of involvement of different genes conferring the resistance to these two SMD isolates. One QTL namely qSMD4 identified within an interval of 2.8 cM on LG 7 explaining 24.72% of phenotypic variance, once it is validated in other genetic background, seems to be a promising QTL for use in marker assisted selection. In summary, this is the first study on development of intra-specific genetic maps and identification of QTLs for SMD resistance in Pigeonpea. Publication details can be found below in publication section. CMap Visualization Links: TTB 7 x ICP 7035 ICP 8863 x ICPL 20097 DOI: doi:10.1016/j.fcr.2011.04.011

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  • 2016

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