Preliminary Impact of long duration improved Pigeonpea in Babati district - TANZANIA uri icon


  • The study is aimed at assessing the economic impacts of adoption of improved pigeon pea cultivar in some villages belonging to Babati , a major Pigeonpea producing district of northern Tanzania. A stratified sampling approach has been used for the purpose of the study. The questionnaire used for the survey was prepared by taking into consideration all the details about the target areas obtained through consultative meetings and from other secondary sources. A total of 240 households were surveyed , 40each from the six villages namely Nangara & Bagara of Babati ward, Singe, Managat, Nakwa, Boga villages of Gorowa ward. A with and without approach has been used. Besides Area and Production related data have been collected for the year 2004 from FAO STAT (2004) have also been used. Primary data on the socio economic characteristics of the farm households, asset ownership , economics of Pigeon pea production, preferences of the farmer about the improved cultivar, their adoption ,constraints they faced in adoption and the details on live stock were elucidated during the survey. through well structured questionnaires

publication date

  • 2016