Phenotypic evaluation data of International Chickpea Varietal Trials (ICVTs) - Desi for Year 2014-15 uri icon


  • This dataset contain the phenotypic data on chickpea-desi improvement at ICRISAT. The chickpea breeding materials supplied by ICRISAT have been extensively used by Indian chickpea breeding programs. These breeding materials directly or after further selections have led to release of 40 chickpea cultivars in India. These cultivars have shown high impacts on the area and productivity of chickpea, particularly in southern and central India. Chickpea breeding program of ICRISAT supplied 2,669 samples of breeding materials, which included advanced breeding lines, varieties, segregating populations, marker assisted backcross lines, near isogenic lines and other genotypes for evaluation by partners during 2014-15. The phenotypic evaluation data was received from all locations. Trials from various locations were analyzed individually. Scientists can select entries for further evaluation and use them in the breeding programs based on the performance at respective locations. Experiment location on Google Map

publication date

  • 2017