Regional Analysis of Household Consumption of Sorghum in Major Sorghum Producing and Consuming States in India uri icon


  • The study presents the results of an analysis of Sorghum consumption levels at a disaggregated level in the major producing states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and shows how they diverge from the results that the overall national level trend. Data from the 61 st round of National sample survey (NSSO) has been used. Data for area, yield and production have been taken from the publications of the Directorate of Economics and Statistics (GOI).The NSSO uses the method of multistage sampling for data collection. The 3 states have been disaggregated into 14 regions namely Coastal Maharashtra (CM), Inland Western Maharashtra (IWM), Inland Northern Maharashtra (INM), Inland Central Maharashtra (ICM), Inland Eastern Maharashtra (IEM), Eastern Maharashtra ( EM), Coastal & Ghats Karnataka (CK), Inland Eastern Karnataka ( IEK), Inland Southern Karnataka (ISK), Inland Northern Karnataka (INK), Coastal Andhra Pradesh (CAP), Inland Northern Andhra Pradesh (INAP), South western Andhra Pradesh (SWAP), and Inland Southern Andhra Pradesh (ISAP) . Consumption levels of Pearl millets in these 11 regions for the income groups (classified as per NSSO definition) and for the state as a whole has been reported separately for the urban and rural areas. Similarly the area and p roduction of pearl millet for the 11 regions and for the state have been reported. Finally the consumption to production ratio has also been calculated to understand whether there is an overall surplus/deficit Sorghum production in the state and the regions as the case may be

publication date

  • 2016