NUE field experiment data of Sorghum 2016-2017 uri icon


  • The dataset contains NUE field experiment data. For exploring native genetic variation in nitrogen use efficiency in diverse germplasm panels of Sorghum in field, screening of high- and low-N efficient lines has been conducted at ICRISAT in alpha-lattice split plot design for 60 diverse Sorghum genotypes that included Back-Cross derived Nested Association Mapping (BCNAM) parents, bi-parental mapping populations etc. In total, three N doses i.e. 0% N, 50% N and 100% N of recommended nitrogen (90 kg per hectare) in three replications per treatment and per genotype at ICRISAT-Patancheru. The data for all the 14 traits (SPAD, leaf area, leaf number, plant height, plant stand, no. of tillers, days to 50 % flowering, days to maturity, fresh stalk yield, dry stalk yield, panicle number, panicle weight and grain yield) will be further recorded for selection of high- and low-N efficient lines. Further the selected lines or genotypes will further be analyzed for to investigate correlated traits between field and glass house experiment to identify surrogate traits to improve throughput of germplasm screening. In the long run phenotypic and genotypic data will be used for mapping of genomics regions/QTLs for NUE by various approaches. Experiment location on Google Map

publication date

  • 2017