Data on morphological characteristics of ICRISAT-bred Pearl Millet Hybrid Seed Parents uri icon


  • Dataset contain the observations on nine quantitative traits were taken on 10 random plants in each plot for plant height (cm), panicle length (cm), panicle diameter (cm), number of productive tillers plant-1, number of nodes plant-1, leaf sheath length (cm), leaf blade length (cm), leaf blade width (cm) and 1000-grain weight (g). Time to 50% fl ower was recorded on plot basis when the main panicles of 50% of the plants in the plots had full stigma emergence. Data were also taken on 16 other traits. These included seedling color, panicle exsertion, panicle tip sterility, node pubescence, node pigmentation, internode pigmentation, leaf sheath pubescence, anther color, glume pigmentation, presence/absence of bristles in panicle, and bristle color for which data were recorded on the basis of visual assessment of individual plants (or parts of plants) within a plot (VS); or it was based on visual assessment of group of plants (or parts of plants) in a plot (VG) for traits such as plant growth habit, panicle shape, panicle density, seed color and seed shape. The mean plot values of the quantitative traits measured were subjected to analysis of variance for each season as well across the two seasons following split-plot design

publication date

  • 2017