Grain Legumes Production, Consumption and Trade Trends in Developing Countries-An Assessment & Synthesis uri icon


  • The dataset contains time series data on Area, Production and Yield of nine legumes crops namely dry bean, Broad bean (Fababean) , Cowpea, Pigeonpea, Chickpea, Lentil , Groundnut and Soya bean. It also contains data on trade(import & export) in tonnes, producer prices in US dollars, population. Also the leading producers of these nine legumes ranked on the basis of the area harvested under these crops are given. These data pertain to five of the major world aggregated regions namely Central and East Asia (CEA), South and South East Asia (SSEA), Latin America and Caribbean (LAC), Sub Saharan Africa (SSA), Middle East North Africa (MENA). All the data have been collected from FAOSTAT (

publication date

  • 2016