Characterisation of dwellers and their activity in Gabon uri icon


  • This dataset contains tables of household census, quaterly surveys of agricultural, gathering, hunting and artisanal logging activities, with names of main crop, NTFP, Bushmeat and timber species used by local communities for their livelihood and cash revenues. It also has columns with the quantity collected, the percentage sold, the revenue obtained, the type of ecosystem where product are extracted, statut of the collector and the type of buyer. in addition to this, we have a table (suivi activ dépenses) that gives household expenses and agregate quarterly survey revenues of all activities. The informations were obtained using socio-economic surveys : social transect, focus groups, census, individual interviews of key informants and quarterly survey of households in 13 villages located in and around two logging concessions of Gabon, in the provinces of 'Haut-Ogooué', 'Nyanga' and 'Ngounié'. 25 % of household were surveyed in each village with a minimum of 5 household

publication date

  • 2017