Land Cover of Takamanda-Mone, Cameroon in 1986 uri icon


  • The dataset potrays land cover of Takamanda-Mone National Park, Cameroon 1986. The data was produced from 'Integrating Livelihoods and Multiple Biodiversity Values in Landscape Mosaics (or the Landscape Mosaics Project in short)' project activity, focuses on informing and facilitating a negotiation process on land use rights allocation between communities and district level and other key stakeholders that will enable them to manage landscape mosaics more sustainably. To support and inform this process, the project conducted a series of research activities in order to collect and analyze socio-economic and biophysical data, also investigating the potential for reward mechanisms for environmental services. The comparative information gathered from these research activities will be used to test four thematic hypotheses related to multifunctional landscape mosaics

publication date

  • 2017