The management systems of marine fisheries and other coastal resources in Palawan, Philippines: concepts, experiences and lessons uri icon


  • The marine waters surrounding the Palawan islandgroups are considered the richest fishing grounds in the Philippines. The largest and most intact assemblage of marine habitats, particularly coral reefs and mangroves, are still found in the province. The fisheries of Palawan alone supply about 60% of the fish consumption in the National Capital Region. However, these resources are under threat from resource mismanagement and other destructive fishing practices. It is ironic that despite Palawans rich resource base, poverty is widespread among municipal and other smallscale fishers. Furthermore, there is very little scientific documentation about the status of the resource and the various issues associated with resource utilization. The researchers of the International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (ICLARM) under the Fisheries CoManagement Project visited Palawan between December 1993 and May 1994. Based on the discussions with representatives of the government, fishing communities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private groups, one common proposal emerged, that is, to gather all those involved in fisheries and coastal resources management in one provincial forum. Thus, the Forum on Co-Management of Marine Fisheries and Other Coastal Resources in Palawan, Philippines: Concepts and Experiences" was organized and held on 12-13 September 1994. It sought to clarify the issues related to the co-management and/or community based resource management (CBRM) of marine fisheries in Palawan, and to explore the appropriate research, planning and management interventions for sustainable utilization of the resources

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  • 2007