An overview of the Fisheries Resource Information System and Tools (FiRST) version 2001: a database management system for storing and analyzing trawl survey data uri icon


  • Demersal trawl surveys have been used for assessments of fisheries potential and monitoring the status of fish stocks in many countries in South and Southeast Asia. This paper presents the development of a database system, the â??Fisheries Resource Information System and Toolsâ?� (FiRST), from a regional collaborative effort between eight countries and the WorldFish Center. The effort has collated about 21 000 hauls/stations from research trawl surveys across the South and Southeast Asian region. FiRST (ver. 2001) was designed as a data management system (to organize, store, retrieve and exchange) for extant trawl surveys. In addition, the database system includes an analytical routine to approximate biomasses and generic socioeco-nomic data, as well as catch and effort statistics for coastal fisheries. Analytical modules from other software needed for data analyses have also been made accessible via the database system. This paper also presents some examples of the utility of retrospective analysis of trawl survey data in establishing resource baselines and improving understanding of the biology and exploitation status of coastal fishery resources. The database system is now an important regional repository of information for management of coastal fish stocks in developing Asian countries. FiRST is envisioned to provide solid foundations for the formulation of appropriate fisheries management strategies and action plans at the national and regional level

publication date

  • 2007