Demand for fish in Asia: a cross-country analysis uri icon


  • This study is focused on the estimation of demand, price and income elasticities for major fish groups that are commonly found in Asia. The next section of the paper is devoted to the model used in the analysis of the study. Following that is a discussion of the cross-country comparison of consumption and the estimated own-price and income elasticities for various fish types, derived from the empirical demand model. Furthermore, the discussion focuses on how the elasticity estimates behave at different levels of household income. Such an analysis of fish consumption is expected to lead to a better understanding of how household decisions may vary as income changes. The final section presents some policy implications of the results of the study. Specifically, this section demonstrates how the elasticity estimates can be useful in assessing welfare issues of fisheries and aquaculture development as they affect consumers and producers, especially the poorer members of the sector

publication date

  • 2007