Restocking and stock enhancement of marine invertebrate fisheries uri icon


  • This chapter reviews restocking and stock enhancement initiatives for a wide variety of marine invertebrates, that is, 11 groups/speciesâ??Giant Clams, Topshell, Sea Cucumbers, Scallops, Other Bivalves, Abalone, Queen Conch, Shrimp, Spiny Lobsters, Lobsters, and Sea Urchins. It explores those species/groups where restocking has been the primary object of releasing cultured juveniles and proceeds to the species where releases have been aimed mainly at stock enhancement. It focuses on the role of restocking and stock enhancement as a part of a suite of management tools, outlines procedures foridentifying when these interventions are likely to add value to other forms of management, and emphasizes that restocking and stock enhancement are not the same processes and need to be managed differently. It deals with considerations for all restocking and stock enhancement initiatives, regardless of species, location, and the methods used for producing juveniles and ends with an assessment of achievementsâ??a proposal for integrating restocking and stock enhancement with other forms of fisheries management and the research issues that lie ahead to ensure that these interventions are implemented responsibly where they are deemed to be appropriate

publication date

  • 2007