A comparison of overall growth performance of tilapia in open waters and aquaculture uri icon


  • There are several indices for fish growth potential and growth performance comparisons available in the literature. One such index, found to allow meaningful comparisons for tilapia in the open waters of Africa and Asia, is: Phi ' = log sub(10)K + 2log sub(10)L sub( infinity ), where K and L sub( infinity ) are parameters of the von Bertalanffygrowth equation. Overall, tilapia in culture have higher values of Phi ' than in nature. The difference is highest inOreochromis aureus), whose growth potential now appears to be fully realized. On the other hand, aquaculturesystems based on O. niloticus appear to have hitherto failed to fully exploit the growth potential of this species. The implications of the findings with regard to selecting suitable species and strains for aquaculture are discussed

publication date

  • 2008