Overview of Philippine marine fisheries uri icon


  • Marine fisheries are an important source of protein, livelihood and export earnings for the Philippines. In 1994, totalmarine fisheries catch was 1.67 million t (62% of total fisheries production) valued at about US$1.65 billion. Ofthis total, 277 thousand t were demersal fishes, 885 thousand t small pelagics, 305 thousand t tunas and 203 thousand t other species or groups. Current catches have leveled off since 1991 (at a level near estimated maximum sustainable yield) and existing fishing effort is clearly too high. This paper reviews the status of marine fisheries and the development of trawl fisheries in the Philippines. The combined effects of excessive fishing effort and environmental degradation have contributed to the depletion of fishery resources, particularly coastal demersal and small pelagic fishes

publication date

  • 2008