A Strategy and a structure for a database on aquatic biodiversity uri icon


  • In order to improve our understanding of aquatic biodiversity, it is proposed that the huge amount of existing data on the occurrence of aquatic species in space and time be incorporated in a single database. Such data are available in museum, collections, research vessel surveys, tagging studies, the scientific literature, and a variety of other sources, often in digitized form. The database would be distributed on CD-ROM with annual upgrades. It would preserve data which might otherwise be lost; it would provide baseline data on biodiversity from historic data sets; in combination with data derived from existing biological, oceanographic, and meteorological databases; it would allow analyses of biodivesity which are currently not possible; and it would guide the ongoing efforts towards collection of data that are most useful for analytical models. We suggest the establishment of a network of institutions taht hold relevant data and are willing to share it

publication date

  • 2008