Preliminary observation on culture of Penaeus monodon in low-saline waters uri icon


  • The feasibility of semi-intensive culture of Penaeus monodon in low saline environment was investigated by comparing the growth and production in low (0.16-6.52 ppt) and high (4.60-19.42 ppt) saline areas at two stocking densities (10.5 and 16 individuals/m super(2)). After 135 days of culture, yield of shrimp in low and high stocking densities was 1563.37 kg/ha and 2274 kg/ha, respectively, in low saline ponds, and 1173.00 and 1974.00 kg/ha, respectively in high saline ponds. Food conversion ratio (FCR, 1.31-1.58) and specific growth rate (SGR 21.04-21.19%) were higher in low saline ponds as compared to high saline ponds (FCR, 1.35-1.68; SGR, 19.22-19.88%). Growth of shrimp was satisfactory in low saline ponds even when salinity decreased after 60 days of culture to almost freshwater level (0.16 ppt) indicating the variability of semi-intensive culture of P. monodon in low saline environment

publication date

  • 2009