A checklist of fishes caught in San Miguel Bay uri icon


  • A checklist of fishes harvested by the capture fisheries in San Miguel Bay between July 1992 and June 1993 is presented. The list was assembled from fish identifications made during the course of the following activities: (1) monitoring of commercial and municipal landings from July 1992 to June 1993; (2) a trawl survey from August 1992 to June 1993; and (3) monitoring of fishing activities in reef areas from January to June 1993. A total of 175 species distributed among 110 genera and 70 families was identified and included in the list. This total includes 77 species which have not been previously reported from the catches and taxonomic collections made in the area. The results indicate the high diversity of the catch and the fauna supporting the fisheries in San Miguel Bay

publication date

  • 2009