Planning the use of fish for food security in Solomon Islands uri icon


  • This study was funded through the USAID-supported Coral Triangle Support Partnership (CTSP). This study provides an insight into the changing demand for fish in the Solomon Islands over the next 20 years. It supports US CTI Indicator 3 â?? â??Number of policies, laws, agreements, or regulations promoting sustainable natural resource management and conservation that are implemented as a result of USG assistanceâ?�. The studyâ??s findings will help to inform the development and implementation of suitable policies, capacities, and alternative livelihoods to accommodate the projected growth in fish demand. It aims to identify where future imbalances may occur between fish supply and demand in Solomon Islands, as well as opportunities to address these imbalances in ways that are resilient to natural disasters, social and political instability, and the uncertainties of climate change

publication date

  • 2012