Mangrove management in Solomon Islands: Case studies from Malaita Province uri icon


  • Mangroves are an important resource for the rural coastal people of Solomon Islands. Mangrove forests are critical for food security and the livelihoods of coastal communities in Solomon Islands. In particular, mangroves are an important source of food (e.g. fish, mangrove fruit, shells and crabs) and timber (e.g. for firewood and building materials). Despite their value, there is evidence to suggest that mangrove forests and the livelihoods of the communities that rely on these valuable ecosystems are under threat To ensure that mangroves continue to contribute to the livelihoods and food security of communities living in and relying upon mangrove forests, there is an urgent need to review and enable the management of mangroves in Solomon Islands at national, provincial and community levels. This policy brief draws on lessons from recent community initiatives to outline some of the challenges and opportunities for managing mangroves in Solomon Islands

publication date

  • 2013